Debunking Of Myths


This page of the website is created to bring to light the common Myths prevelant in Arya Samaj today due to the ignorance of Rishi's teachings. This page is a true representation of the "Freedom Of Expression". The ideas that I’ve debunked in these are the facts for which I can provide a copy and/or stand a lie detector test. The contents below are taken from the actual communication with today's Arya Samaji's and articles from the various Arya Samaj sites. However, the actual names of the individuals have been withheld and only "Modern Arya Samaji" is used to represent the person/s in question as my intention is not to insult any person but to bring the light of Vedic wisdom to general public. Few statement have been rearranged (without foregoing the real meaning / intention) to make them easy to understand.

Modern Arya Samaji (Comment after modern Arya Samajis were shown that their procedure is different from the one inculcated by Maharishi Swami Dayanand Saraswati): Please note that only the APS Prachaar Committee has the authority to amend and implement changes to Hawan Procedure.  These changes will be communicated to all affiliated Samaj’s by the General Secretary in writing.

Pt. Prashant: As far as the Yajna & other associated procedures are concerned no one is allowed to change the Rishi’s teachings apart from a Rishi (Apta Purush). As per my limited knowledge, Maharishi Dayanand was the last Rishi and we do not have any Rishi present in the world today (even though few people call themselves Rishis). Prachaar committee can only include or remove the events for the development of the Samaj members and other attendees (this is not true for the Hawan Procedures & Samaj Principles). If the APS Prachaar committee is that competent then I urge them to implement the teachings of Maharishi Dayanand. My comment can be verified from Rig Ved Adi Bhashya Bhumika (I can elaborate more if required).

Modern Arya Samaji: You may seek an opinion from Sarvadeshik Arya Samaj India.

Pt. Prashant: Number of e-mails has been sent to Sarvadeshik Arya Prathinidhi Sabha, Delhi Arya Prathinidhi Sabha, Sarvadeshik Arya Veer Dal and Paropkarini Sabha in India. A formal letter (Registered Post in the case of Sarvadeshik Arya Prathinidhi Sabha) has also been sent to the same Sabhas as per the attached copy. No acknowledgement or response has been received to date (Letters were posted on 29th of August 2007).

Do you think that it is Sarvadeshik Arya Prathinidhi Sabha’s role to change Rishi’s teachings (Please refer to the above reply – Bold letters)? If the answer is no then what is the point in seeking Sarvadeshik’s opinion in following the correct procedure? If the teachings of the Rishis are deemed unacceptable then what is the point of having Arya Samaj?

Modern Arya Samaji: The current APS procedures represent a sensible approach to the teachings of Mahaa Rishi Dayanand Saraswati.

Pt. Prashant: How can APS procedures represent a sensible approach to the teachings of Maharishi Dayanand if they contradict his teachings? I hope you do not believe that Maharishi Dayanand might be wrong.

Modern Arya Samaji: We know that it is not APS’s role to change his (Rishi Dayanand’s) teachings.

Pt. Prashant: If you knew it is not APS’s role to change Maharishi Dayanand’s teachings then why did you inform me in the previous e-mail (see the first comment by the modern Arya Samaji’s on the top of this page) that only APS Prachaar committee can change the procedures (your text was “Please note that only the APS Prachaar Committee has the authority to amend and implement changes to Hawan Procedure.  These changes will be communicated to all affiliated Samaj’s by the General Secretary in writing”)? It was only after I pointed at the contents of Maharishi Dayanand’s Rigvedadi bhashya Bhumika, you made the above comment. If I would have been ignorant of the Rishi’s teachings then APS would have me believing the incorrect knowledge.

Modern Arya Samaji: you have made a personal attack against the APS Purohits.

Pt. Prashant: Reminding a person (especially an Arya Purohit) to live as per his/her preaching should not be considered a personal attack. All I did was to remind you and other APS Purohits to practice Sandhya and Agnihotra as per the APS undertaking of the Purohits. You might say that it is not practical to do Agnihotra every day due to the limitations (e.g. total fire ban) in this country. The answer to this can be obtained from the Karma section of this website by reading the conversation (taken from Shatpath Brahaman) between Maharishi Yajnavalkya and King Janak regarding the Apatkaal (emergency) Dharma. No excuses should be given for Sandhya. All I mentioned in my previous reply was that we should practice what we preach as Arya Purohits rather than behave like hypocrites. I do not see any personal attack in this. Rishi Dayanand has said in Satyarth Prakash’s Bhumika “Let him say what is good for another even though it may offend.”

Modern Arya Samaji: Agnyaadhan – in the olden days, Agni was collected for Havan and used to light the Havankundh. In the modern times, we have matches and camphor to instantly light the fire. The practice of collecting Agni, is not relevant, and as is the need to create agni outside the Havankund.  This is probably is the reason why it has been adopted in the Prayer books. (For example, we do not know why he (Maharishi Dayanand) left out collecting Agni from the Shudra’s home. Sensibly, Agni is Agni, brought from any home regardless of the caste).

Pt. Prashant: Since when has Arya Samaj started believing in caste system? Please visit the My Beliefs section of this website and read along point # 7 regarding caste systems. The first three Varnas are called Dwijas and wear the yajopavit (initiation thread). Only the first three Varnas have the right to conduct the Sanskaars (Brahmin can conduct sanskaars for all the Varnas, Kshatriya can conduct sanskaars for the last three Varnas, similarly Vaisha can conduct the sanskaars for the last two Varnas and Shoodras are not permitted to conduct sanskaars. You can contact me if you require the reason for this). The former sentence can be verified from Maharishi Dayanand’s Rigvedadi Bhashya Bhumika Varnashram Vishya. This is also one of the reason I was urging APS to make all the Purohit and Purohitas Dwijas. For your information I’m a Dwija and try very hard to practice the conduct of the Brahmin Varna.

APS’s comment about Agni shows the ignorance of APS about the philosophical and scientific aspect of Agni. Below is the translation of Yajurveda 1:17 as per philosophical and scientific aspect:

“Sarvashaktiman Ishwar ne yeh bhotik Agni aam arthath kacche padarth jalane wala banaya hai is karan bhasmroop padarthon ke jalane ko Samarth nahi hai. Jisse ki manushya kacche padarthon ko paka kar khate hai wah aamaat tatha jis karke sab praniyon ka khaya hua ann adi dravya pakta hai wah jathar aur jisse manushya log mare huae sharer ko jalate hai, wah kravyat agni kahata hai aur jisse divya guno ko prapth karane wali vidhut bani hai tatha jisse prithvi ka dharan aur akarshan karne wala Surya bana hai aur jise Vedvidhya ke jannewale Brahmin va Dhanurved ke jannewale Kshatriya va sab pranimatra saven karte hai tatha jo sab sansari padarthon me vartman Parmeshwar hai, wahi sab manushya ka upasya Dev hai tatha jo kriyon ki siddhi ke liyae bhotik agni hai, yah bhi yathayogya karyadwara sewa karne ke yogya hai.”

Aapstambh Griha Sutra has explained Grihagni to be of three types: - Aavsathya, Shalagni and Opasanagni. I can be contacted if the definition of these three Agni is required.

Similarly, different flames of Agni have different temperatures as per scientific findings (light yellow flames on a Samidha is approx. 800 degrees Celsius while light blue or invisible flames can generate approx. 1400 degree Celsius. Dark blue flame of gas can generate approx 3000 degrees). You can contact me if you need more info.

As for the comment of having matches and camphor in modern times to instantly light the fire shows the lack of scientific and historical knowledge on the part of APS. Please consider the fact that matches have been in use since the year 577 in Asia as per current scientific information and the word Kapoor has been there in Sanskrit language since time unknown and Maharishi has recommended the use of Kapoor in creating the Agni outside Hawan Kund as well.

Modern Arya Samaji: We do not believe that respectfully, you have the capacity to ask that question regarding procedures.

Pt. Prashant: Are you trying to say that Arya Samaj does not believe in explaining others the reasoning behind the Ved Mantras and expect everyone to blindly believe your absurdity? Any one should be able to ask questions and clear out his / her doubts. Please visit the home page of this website and read the translation of the Rig Ved Mantra. The mantra has explained the procedure of learning.

Modern Arya Samaji: Visesh yajana – please refer to pages 4 and 5 of Sanskaar Vidhi. In the middle paragraph of page 4, it is clearly stated that the Ishwarstuti prathnopasna, Swastivachnam and Shanti Karnam must precede any Sanskaar.

Pt. Prashant: Yes, it is clearly stated that the Ishwarstuti Prarthanopasna, Swastivachaanam and Shantikarnam must precede any Sanskaar and it must be done before the Sanskaar Vishesha Yajna (please note that Rishi has named the Yajna for the Sanskaars as per the name of the Sanskaar) and all other places inculcated by Maharishi Dayanand. However, where in Sanskaar Vidhi Maharishi Dayanand inculcates the Pratah and Sayan Kaal ahutis in the Sanskaar Yajnas? Pratah and Sayan Kaal ahutis have been inculcated in the Grihasth Ashram as Nitya Yajna or Agnihotram.

Modern Arya Samaji: The above message has been repeated in the last paragraph of Bhumika to Sanskaar Vidhi by Maha Rishi.  

Pt. Prashant: The last paragraph of the Sanskaar Vidhi explains the sequence of the writings in Sanskaar Vidhi.

Modern Arya Samaji: Please note that a Veshesh Yajna Padhati is not Agnihotra only but Agnihotra is part of Veshesh Yajna Padhati. Veshesh Yajna is a Sanskaar and as such, Ishwarstuti prathnopasna, Swastivachnam and Shanti Karnam must precede any Sanskaar.

Pt. Prashant: As explained before the Vishesha Yajna (or Sanskaar Vishesha Yajna) does not include Pratah and Sayan Kaal ahutis. Pratah and Sayan Kaal ahutis are included with Pakshik Yajnas and Ishwarstuti Prarthanopasna, Swastivachaanam and Shantikarnam are included after the Agnihotram for those unfortunate people who are unable to perform Agnihotram everyday (Please see page # 195 of Sanskaar Vidhi). If Vishesha Yajna (as per your APS’s book) is considered a Sanskaar then there will be more than 16 Sanskaars and Maharishi Dayanand’s words will become Asatya.

Modern Arya Samaji: Sanskaar – is not only restricted to the 16 sacraments but it encapsulates broader ways of life.  For example, the way we live, perform and relate to each other on a day to day basis, is also a Sanskaar. Therefore we regard Veshesh Yajna Padhati as a Sanskaar.

Pt. Prashant: Respectfully, please improve your understanding of Sanskaars. If APS starts referring to everything done in our day to day life then we will end up with more than 16 Sanskaars and the word of the Rishis including Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati will become erroneous. Below are few quotes from authoritative scriptures:

 The other activities can be classified as Achaaran – conduct in day to day life (Su for good or noble and Du for bad) and Vyavahaar for relating to each other or in simple language behaviour in communicating and coordinating with others.

 If you regard Vishesha Yajna Padhati to be a Sanskaar does not automatically mean that all Arya Samajis should accept that. As reasoned out above your beliefs regarding Sanskaar are false and should be shunned by all Arya Samajis and the Satya procedures should be accepted (Arya Samaj Principle # 4).

Modern Arya Samaji: Swami Dayanand held a now famous discourse with the congregation at Bombay. Someone in the audience asked the Swami: “Should we set up a new Samaj?” Dayanand responded:“If you are able to achieve something for the good of mankind by a Samaj, then establish a Samaj; I will not stand in your way. But if you do not organize it properly, there will be a lot of trouble in the future. As for me, I will only instruct you in the same way as I teach others, and this much you should keep clearly in mind: my beliefs are not unique, and I am not omniscient. Therefore, if in the future any error of mine should be discovered after rational examination, then set it right. If you do not act in this way, then this Samaj too will later in become just a sect. That is the way by which so many sectarian divisions have become prevalent in India: by making the guru’s word the touchstone of truth and thus fostering deep-seated prejudices which make the people religion-blind, cause quarrels and destroy all right knowledge. That is the way India arrived at her sorry contemporary state, and that is the way this Samaj too would grow to be just another sect. This is my firm opinion: even if there be many different sectarian beliefs prevalent in India, if only they all acknowledge the Vedas, then all those small rivers will reunite in the ocean of Vedic Wisdom, and the unity of dharma will come about. From that unity of dharma there will result social and economic reform, arts and crafts and other human endeavours will improve as desired, and man’s life will find fulfilment: because, by the power of that dharma all values will become accessible to him, economic values as well as psychological ones, and also the supreme value of moksha.”

Pt. Prashant: This is what I'm trying to get in your head - Embrace the knowledge of Vedas with adequate reasoning. Remember faith is good but blind faith is destructive. When Arya Samajes starts changing the teachings of the Rishis and expect people to follow blindly than they become social clubs rather than a reform movement. You are making your Samaj a hawan conducting, bhajan singing social club. If only you would have read Point # 11 in the My Beliefs section and Rig Ved Mantra on the home page of this website it would have been easier for you to understand Rishi’s comment better. It is advisable that you read a bit more on the motive of Rishi Dayanand in forming the Arya Samaj (recommend that you read his biography). There were many groups existing at the time of Maharishi Dayanand and yet he chose to open up Arya Samaj. He was even offered lucrative positions which he kindly declined. You can not base your thinking that Maharishi Dayanand was wrong on just one comment by the Maharishi while the Person/s of APS is/are correct. Maharishi has displayed and has taught people to reason out the teachings rather than believing it blindly (A good example is Arya Samaj principle # 5). Maharishi’s work would have finished before it started if everyone would have been following the Arya Dharma. Many false beliefs have taken birth due to the people not listening to Rishis and following Gurudom by accepting the incorrect translations. A good example is Point # 3 in My Beliefs section of this website where I’ve debunked the translation of Mr. Griffith.

Modern Arya Samaji: So if Maharishi Dayanand himself was humble enough to admit that any error of his, if discovered, should be set right after rational examination, I do not understand what you are arguing about.


Pt. Prashant: All Rishis were humble as they did not have the ego like us ordinary humans. However, their ego was limited to keeping the body of theirs. A good example is Maharishi Yajnavalkya claiming the knowledge of Prameshwar in King Janak’s sabha (Shatpath Brahaman). Similarly, Maharishi Dayanand had told Raja Shivprasad in Brahmocheddan that Raja Shivprasad would have known what Vidhya is if he would have come to the Maharishi. The word rational coming from you seems rather odd as you definitely do not practice that. For your comment on what I am arguing about; I think my previous e-mail was clear enough to point out the problems in APS and its affiliated Samajes. In simple, what I’m trying to say is that you cannot expect to do well of Mankind by running the Samaj by deceit.


Many knowledgeable Arya Samajis have written that All the Rishis from Brahma onwards to Jaimini are in Rishi Dayanand. The etymological meaning of this is that the Vedic teachings of all the Rishis do not contradict each other, only the way of explaining can be different. Please visit Point # 4 in My Beliefs section of this website to understand the definition of Rishi.


My personal advice to you is that you should at least attempt to understand the motive behind Arya Samaj rather than believing it to be just a hawan conducting and bhajan singing group which socializes once a month. Rather than going to the ridicule of trying to prove Maharishi Dayanand wrong it would be better if you reason out his teachings to get a better understanding of them (this is where Purohits come in handy).


Modern Arya Samaji: In your correspondences you have accused many senior Samaj members, office bearers, APS purohits and even the past President of APS on issues unrelated to the hawan procedure. 


Pt. Prashant: In all my correspondences, I have not uttered or written a single Asatya. However, I've only informed about the wrong doings prevalent in your Samaj. My aim as I've mentioned before is to present Satya as Satya and shun Asatya as Asatya.


Modern Arya Samaji: You were advised both in writing and verbally by the past Samaj President and by me (Current Samaj President) to follow procedure, process and proper protocols to suggest change and/or highlight grievances but you refused – frequently citing your authority and undertaking as an APS Purohit to “renounce untruth”.


Pt. Prashant: How amazing is it that Arya Samaj is penalising its Purohit for renouncing untruth. With all due respect the above comment displays the level of your intelligence. It is also untrue that the previous Samaj President provided the above in writing. Perhaps you need to revisit the Arya Samaj objectives and its principles - especially principle # 4.


Modern Arya Samaji: Few families had left Samaj because of you.


Pt. Prashant: There are only two families whom I know have left because of me not partaking food cooked in the utensils used for cooking meat. The complete Samaj committee along with the Samaj members did agree that they will not be offended by me not eating food cooked in the utensils used for cooking meat. It would be wrong for any Arya Samaj to penalise a Purohit for not eating food cooked in the utensils used for cooking meat.


Modern Arya Samaji: You and/or your family maybe eligible to rejoin Samaj as members  provided your application for membership is received and if it is accepted.   

Pt. Prashant: I consider joining other community clubs like Lions, Rotary, Jaycees etc. much better than your low down Samaj. At least I will be able to do work for the betterment of the community with the community clubs rather then providing incorrect teachings and follow prejudiced path in your Samaj.

Modern Arya Samaji: You have brought disrepute to the Samaj with your correspondences.

Pt. Prashant: How can I bring disrepute to the Samaj by following its principles and ethics practically? All I’ve done is change my life to display Arya conduct practically. If this is considered bringing disrepute then Samaj’s principles and ethics should be considered incorrect. All I’ve done is pointed towards wrong or incorrect activities in the Samaj to stop it happening again either verbally or by written communication.

Modern Arya Samaji: We should democratically decide on procedures.

Pt. Prashant: Democracy can only be applied if it is for the general running of the Samaj. As far as Rishi’s teachings are concerned there can not be democracy. Democracy can only be applied on the opinions and not on Satya as Satya remains unchanged irrespective of time and place.

Modern Arya Samaji:With all due respect we had never doubted your capability and knowledge, however there is all due process which needs to be addressed which we anticipated to resolve through consensus.

Pt. Prashant: It is not the question of my ability as I'm only providing you with the Rishi's teachings along with reasoning and not the view of any prejudiced person. As explained above you can not decide on Satya by consensus. For example, if you and your Samaj members decide that Sun does not give light and heat will not change the Sun or the rule it follows. We should follow the path of Dharm as inculcated by the Mantra 15 of Rig Ved Mandal 5 Sukta 51 - "May we ever follow, unswervingly, the path of dutyand service as do the sun and the moon".

Modern Arya Samaji: in the opinion of the past committee and majority of Samaj members, your beliefs and ideas are still evolving and are capable of being influenced.

Pt. Prashant: You and your Samaj members are entitled to an opinion as I am. However, I follow Arya Samaj principle # 4 literally and am willing to accept Satya and renounce Asatya.  You as president and others should realise that I can not be influenced to follow Asatya. Can anyone in APS and its affiliated Samajes claim that they have the complete understanding of Ved? However, I refuse to be influenced by Asatya and base my thoughts on the teachings of Rishis with adequate reasoning.

Modern Arya Samaji: Vedic Dharma is a way of life that strives to make every human being Aryan in thoughts, words and action. In my humble opinion, I sadly, find your BEHAVIOUR VERY UN-ARYAN.  Aryan behaviour leads to individuals been respected, loved and idolised in our Society. I am sorry to say that as a member of one of the affiliated Samaj of APS, you behavior is very far from this mark. You need to take a hard look of yourself - I say this respectfully. 

Pt. Prashant: Vedic Dharma is indeed a way of life. Vedic teachings were given by the almighty to the humans for prospering with noble thoughts, words and actions. Vedas teach people to respect others as humans but in no way teaches to accept the incorrect thoughts. Idolising is no where inculcated in Vedic teachings. By wagging tail to incorrect thoughts to increase membership or receive undeserved praise is in no way termed as achieving respect. Judging me as a non-Aryan without understanding or deliberating what I’m trying to explain displays your premature thinking. It is true that as per your understanding my behaviour is very far from your mark of Aryan as I lead my life according to the teachings of the Rishis. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi also known as Mahatama Gandhi or Bapu once said that “we should be the change that we want to see in others”. With all due respect deep pondering people do not give judgement based on prejudice (probably your thinking would have been different if I would have been praising APS and its affiliated Samaj members irrespective of them being wrong). I have not degraded any person but have debunked his/her thoughts with all my communications. However, I was even threatened with physical violence and have been called names by APS members. If we judge Aryas as per your definition in the e-mail below, great Arya Samajis like Swami Shraddhanand, Pt. Lekhram, Swami Darshananand and even Maharishi Swami Dayanand Saraswati would be termed as non-Aryas. Chapter 3, 9 and 10 of Satyarth Prakash would provide you with more answers regarding the conduct and behaviour.

Rishi Dayanand has written in the first chapter of Satyarth Prakash that He will only tell Satya by accepting God to be pratyaksh (or present with him) and will only tell as per the niyam (rule) of the Vedas. I’m a humble Bhakt of Rishi Dayanand and will not cross the Maryada (ethical self restraint) either. Please bear in mind that without Satya there is no way for the mankind to progress (Ch 9 of Satyarth Prakash explains that). Please do read at least the recommended chapters of Satyarth Prakash and this website  to understand the principles of Arya Samaj (recommending the reading of Vyavhaar Bhanu, Swamantavyaamantavya prakash and Rig Ved Adi Bhashya Bhumika might be too much for you). I do reflect on my karmas during Pranayaam and try very hard to shun my weaknesses. I hope you can say the same. Please do remember that one does not automatically become an Arya by becoming a member of Arya Samaj; rather by displaying noble qualities and conduct one is termed as an Arya. I do find peace and comfort in Rishi’s teachings and advise you the same.

Modern Arya Samaji: we had agreed to allow you to follow the hawan procedures as per sanskar vidhi.

Pt. Prashant : With all due respect, APS and any of its affiliated Samajes do not have the authority to stop or allow me to follow Vedic Procedures from Sanskaar Vidhi for the simple reasons – my Samaj is not affiliated to APS and me being the Vedic Purohit does not report or take orders from APS and its affiliated Samajes. Also Sanskaar Vidhi has been written by Maharishi Dayanand for everyone and not just for Arya Samajis.

Modern Arya Samaji: I have also adopted few of the things you have suggested.

Pt. Prashant : If the adopted things are for the benefit of humanity then your adoption is applaud able.

Modern Arya Samaji: I would like to bring to your notice that our purohit and purohitas are all extremely busy attending to weekly hawans at Arya samaj Centre, monthly hawans at the affiliated samajs, various sacraments, wedding, deaths etc. We are proud of the great sacrifice and contribution they have been making in promoting our culture.

Pt. Prashant : One cannot promote Vedic Dharma by sacrificing Satya and accepting Asatya.

Modern Arya Samaji: As discussed earliar with you, Swami Dayanand said that people can do bring about changes in the way things are conducted with the passage of time, as people see fit.

Pt. Prashant : Please do not misinterpret my comment as I’ve only said that Rishi Dayanand has advised to adapt whatever is best for the humanity and I remember explaining it as per Rig Ved Adi Bhashya Bhumika. This can also be confirmed by Point 9 under my beliefs section of this website.

Modern Arya Samaji: In present time in Australia , even getting people to do hawan or any puja is virtually impossible task. Swami Ji's message to us is that every aryans should be doing yaj twice daily. You yourself know how many % are doing that. Sex should be only for the purpose of reproduction - how many people are doing that, the girls and the boys should not be allowed to study together,girls and boys should not have sexual relatioship before marriage etc. Ask ourself whether this can be possible in present time.

Pt. Prashant: Is APS trying to tell me that we should shun everything that is good for the fear of failure or should not try to tackle the above problems because it is not happening at the present time? In the CNN news dated 28th of May ’08 a news article stated that the humanitarian aid workers in the war ravaged countries are abusing children, preying on children’s innocence for their sexual satisfaction. Does APS want to send the message that it is accepted as it makes the aid workers happy? I guess there has to be a start; a start towards the betterment of humanity, irrespective of how small it is. The same is true for the comments on the evils of today, like drugs, alcohol, smoking etc. We can not expect to stop alcohol use by promoting wine and dine cruises. Until and unless we show the practical aspect of goodness to the young generations we do not expect to earn their respect. Deteriorating numbers of youth in Arya Samajes around the world shows the need to come back to original ethics and principles of Arya Samaj. One can not earn the respect of others by hypocrisy. Performing Yajnas twice was the issue before Rishi Dayanand came and is still an issue because of Aryas diverting from their path. One can not change the whole world overnight but can attempt to start with the person in the mirror i.e. from himself/herself. Unless we feed the coming generation with Satya we can not expect to tackle the problems that you are trying to highlight. Regarding performing Yaj, please read the article from Shatpath Brahaman in the Karma section of this website. APS can not expect to do good by punishing people for increasing their knowledge in Vedic teachings and to improve one’s life as per the morality. If you can not improve yourself due to your weakness does not mean that the teachings of the Rishis should be shunned.

Modern Arya Samaji: We should be able to educate the people with the meaning of all the mantras so they atleast know what they are prayng for- so the emphasis should be give their.

Pt. Prashant : To educate others we should first know the meanings ourselves. If APS claims to know the philosophical and scientific meanings then they should understand that the sankalps are done to improve one by following the Satya Path. The knowledge of Vedas is the Satya. Even Arya Samaj principle number 3 portrays that. Would APS suggest changing the Arya Samaj principles because most people are not following it?

Modern Arya Samaji: I hope that you will give due thought to my suggestions and make a rational decision as to what need to be done to propogate the true message of Swami Dayanand.

Pt. Prashant : I fail to understand how APS tend to be rational if they do not even want to listen to reasoning? The true message of Maharishi Swami Dayanand Saraswati can not be propagated by trying to prove the Rishi wrong and following the opposite of his teachings. One can only be rational by accepting the humans as humans and working towards their improvement without displaying prejudice.

Modern Arya Samaji: We have even been told by one of the person we invited for chief guest that we can not have a chief guest but a chief speaker for the simple reason that Rishi Dayanand is the chief guest of all Arya Samaj functions.

Pt. Prashant : Wah re Modern Arya Samajion, at one stage you criticise the people worshipping idols and yet you do the same in your functions. How can you say Maharishi Swami Dayanand Saraswati be the chief guest of any ceremony, when his physical self died on the Diwali of the year 1883. Like other Rishis, only his philosophy, teachings and his reform movement remains as the inspiration for the humans. On other path of thought, how can you make Rishi Dayanand a chief guest by following the opposite of his ideals and teachings?

Modern Arya Samaji: We believe that if we conduct hawan with devotion irrespective of using incorrect procedure, God will listen to us and grant us our wish. For example, if a person is admitted in the hospital due to some sickness, we can go and do the hawan at his house and pray and ask the Almighty God to forgive that person. We believe that He/She will be alright if our devotion is great.

Pt. Prashant : The above comment definitely displays your ignorance of Maharishi Dayanand's  magnum opus "Satyarth Prakash". Are you trying to tell me that God is pleased with your bribe of hawan and would change his judgement, ridding the sick person of any disease and suffering? If yes then God can not be termed as the ultimate judge. Also if you are forgiven by this then there should not be jail terms for robbers as they can be rid of their misdoings by conducting hawan and asking for forgiveness. Your belief is completely superstitious and should be rejected by any sane person with reasoning. You should try and understand the motive behind hawan and should shun your superstition. You are most welcome to request me to provide understanding regarding Agnihotram as per Rishi Dayanand.

Modern Arya Samaji: We are working very hard for the progress of Arya Samaj. A good example is our fundraising by organising "wine and dine cruise".

Pt. Prashant: It is ironical that at one hand APS preaches Alcohol drinking & meat eating to be of evil nature, while on the other hand APS utilises both alcohol consumption & meat eating for its fundraising. This is a complete display of hypocrisy.

Modern Arya Samaji: We have also organised a raffle for our fundraising.

Pt. Prashant: First of all you should understand that to run a lottery in Australia, a permit is required from the Department of Racing, Gaming and liquor as it is classified under Gambling (Gaming and wagering commission ACT 1987). The general knowledge about gambling is that it is an evil deed. In the thirteenth chapter of Sabhaparv in Mahabharat; Mahatma Vidur explains to Drithrashtra that gambling is the cause of dividing people and causes fight. In the beginning of the same chapter Vashampyana comments that gambling is the one which makes you loose everything. Maharishi Dayanand has explained the 10 vices arising from the love of pleasure (taken from the 7th chapter of Manu Smriti) in the 6th chapter of Satyarth Prakash of which the 2nd one is gambling.

 It seems to me that APS has different rules for others & different for themselves. My personal perception of APS & it's affiliated Samajes is that they do not believe in following their own preaching.How do you expect others to follow what you yourself cannot follow?

Modern Arya Samaji: Thanks Pt Prashant Ji for your response to the reply I wrote to your president. I had a quick look through that. Since you and your president have made a decision that it will not be possible to work with us under the prevailing situation, I wish you and your samaj the best in carrying out the good work in propogating the true teachings of  the Vedas and  Swami Dayanand.

Pt. Prashant: First of all thank you for accepting in your capacity as the APS President, that we are truly following the teachings of Maharishi Dayanand. This on other hand means that your APS and its affiliated Samajes are promoting incorrect teachings. The real issue is not the procedure of the rituals but APS’s reluctance of accepting Satya. Deceit of APS was one of the reasons responsible for me forming another Samaj. I have been an advocate of the unity in Arya Samajes but not at the expense of ethics. However, if APS would like to increase their knowledge on Arsha teachings, they are most welcome to contact me.