The second conscious entity (the first being God) without beginning and end is called Soul. This is the entity without which a human body is considered dead. It has Sat (truth) and Chit (consciousness) but not bliss unlike God who has all three. Soul only obtains bliss by the grace and contact of God. Unlike God Soul takes form (human, animal, etc.) with the help of the third Entity Prakriti and through the power of the God. Soul when in a body often gets confused and begins to think that it is the physical body and not a separate entity. This confusion makes it run for the material things and binds it in the circle of life and death. This also gives it temporary happiness and sorrow (both material). The actual happiness is only achieved by the Soul when it distinguishes itself from the Prakriti Materia, which can be achieved by being in contact with God either through Karma, Upasana or knowledge (Adhayatmik Knowledge). The manifestation of the souls in different forms also gives them different powers. The highest among the souls are the emancipated souls often mistaken for God. The emancipated souls are of the highest order and are called Super Humans. The examples being Rama, Krishna, Vasistha, Agastya, Veda Vyasa, Dayananda etc. Even in these emancipated souls, some are higher manifestations than others. These emancipated souls show Superhuman Strength, extraordinary knowledge etc. These emancipated souls take form wherever there is a huge outcry from the other souls in form. These normally come to banish bad and evil, spread real knowledge (about God) and show others the path of Surrender to the almighty leading them towards bliss.