This updates page was created on advise of some readers as it was hard to track down the new contents and the section.


Updated Section Brief Description
12/08/08 Updates Current Page.
12/08/08 Myth Debunking Debunking the incorrect beliefs of Modern Arya Samajis.
13/08/08 God Brief explanation about God's gender.
13/08/08 Karma Removal of link to Hawan procedures by Acharya Vaidyanath Shastri and APS Fiji.
23/08/08 Myth Debunking Debunking the superstition of Modern Arya Samajis regarding chief guest & God forgiving sins.
17/10/08 My Beliefs Correcting the explanation of Namaste under point # 8.
1/12/11 My Blogs Added link to My Blogs @ Word Press
5/10/14 Removed link One True Religion as Geocities have closed.